Bulk Motion is specialized in the trading of FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) and other packaging.

We offer high-quality packaging at fair prices throughout Europe. Boasting many years of experience in international trading we can easily support our customers/partners with all relevant import/export formalities and provide logistic assistance.

Since our multilingual team members have also technical knowledge about the products we sell, you will get a product which really works. We believe in technical support and service! We will provide advice concerning handling and usage of your packaging and optimise your articles for your needs.

Our idea of globalization is not a catch-phrase or abstract expression but a business that we live up to every day. We really know what international trade means and solve the seemingly insoluble enigmas of Incoterms, import regulations and customs duties by finding the best delivery option for you.

Entrepreneurial responsibility is also a key concern for us. Thus, we only cooperate with companies which care about such topics as sustainability, environmental protection and renunciation of child labour. Moreover we actively support fair salaries and good working conditions.As a member of the European FIBC Association (EFIBCA) we have subscribed to their Code of Conduct and Quality Pledge.